Finas Horneados at the Feria Alimentaria

Finas Horneados at the Feria Alimentaria

As in previous years, Finas Horneados will attend Alimentaria, the international trade fair for the food, beverage, catering and gastronomy industry, held in Barcelona.

From 25th to 28th April 2016, Alimentaria will once again be at the centre of international business for food, beverage and gastronomy professionals. With the latest trends, innovations and international expansion of the industry, this is one occasion no one will want to miss.

Alimentaria 2016 continues to maintain and promote key growth areas such as international expansion, innovation, gastronomy and industry specialisation, whilst some halls and facilities have been attractively refurbished. Alimentaria 2016 is redoubling its efforts to attract buyers from around the world, especially Asia, the USA and Latin America, as well as Europe. Companies from over 50 countries will be exhibiting at the show, making Alimentaria a landmark international event.

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